Dr Busker, or Steve to his friends, comes from a musical family. His Grandfather Reginald Lancaster was band leader, singer and Pianist in a
band playing in the 1920's, 30's and 40's, tunes which were know as Old Time Dance Music.

His mother, Brenda also plays piano, although this is more for personal pleasure. She doesn't give public performances.

'Tis little wonder then, that young Steven learned to play the Piano and indeed from such a young age. Indeed he cannot remember not being able to do so.

As a teenager, Steve found the ability to play the Piano and sing very useful, as at the time, (Early 1980's), most pubs had a piano but there were very few Pub Pianists still performing!

As a Pub Pianist, Steve learned the difference between Good and Bad Beer, soon appreciating the qualities of good Real Ale, and has, since those days, been a supporter of CAMRA events.

Playing Old Time songs and writing and performing songs of his own Steve was able to combine a love of Vintage Transport with music
by playing at Steam Rallies and his local Transport Museum

(The Rushden Historial Transport Museum).

Indeed it was at the Steam Rallies where Steve picked up the nick-name 'Dr Busker' and his supporting band at the time became 'The Pox Doctors'.
Steve also formed a band with some friends at this time, using the stage name 'The Revolting Peasants', appearing in local Pubs and Clubs.

By the mid-1980's, Pubs were beginning to ditch the piano in favour of more seating for dining. Steve realized he needed a second instrument.
Electric Pianos of the era were unsatisfactory and Steve opted for a Piano Accordion. Reasoning that as one side resembled a
 piano he would only need to teach himself the other, (Bass), side.

After a shaky start the accordion proved very popular with audiences, in both the Pubs and at Rallies, where it's easy portability made it ideal for impromptu Booze-ups, Parties and Road Runs.

Throughout the late 1980's and 90's Steve played as part of the Amalgamated Heavy Haulage Musical Division, being accompanied by various gangs of
performers with Mendozers, who also did actions to Songs with a box of props. These Volunteer Bands had various names, The Pox Doctors,
The Rhythm Section, Dorset Rats, Steam Navvies, Wild Rovers,  Revolting Peasants, The Quacks and The Village Idiots. Some of these bands still perform with Steve, while others have disbanded.

A friend of Steves Mr Jim Sarney of High Wycombe introduced Steve to the Roland FR7 Digital Accordion and this instument has been the mainstay of
Dr Busker shows ever since. It's ability to transmit sound via a PA system or other Amplification Wirelessly has made it invaluable.

Recently, Electric Piano technology has caught up and there are Electric Pianos which now sound correct and feel correct to the touch, (lack of weighted
keys and slow return being Steve's main criticism of older machines). This means that at certain events Dr Busker now plays the piano and the accordion. Some
shows are all Piano. This should not come as much of a shock, as all Steve's songs are written at the Piano and Piano Music appears on all his CDs.

The Doctor Busker show is always presented in Period costume, where able. Most commonly used is the Victorian theme. Steve feels an affinity with the
Early Victorian bawdy music hall where performances were a chaotic riot of showmanship. Indeed it was often hard to see the line where the performance
ended and the audience began.

Over the years various other costumed Themes have appeared including Pirates, English Civil War, Explorers, Scarecrows, Irish and 1920's and 40's.
Some of these themes prove popular for a year or so and then return occasionally. The Victorian has been the most popular, perhaps because of the
association with the Steam Engines.

Dr Busker is passionate about History, so Preservation Groups, Steam and Railway Events and Re-enactors Parties have always taken priority in each
Years Calendar.

Steve collects Vintage Bicycles (Penny Farthings, Bone Shakers etc.) He also owns a Dean Fairground Organ, a 9 ton Robey Portable Boiler,
(affectionately known as the Kettle). He has numerous other Transport related Hobbies.

He has know Keith & Tracey Shakespeare for many many years and it is their daughter, Liz, who now produces this website.

Steve is Happily Married with two Grown-up, (OK, Adult), children. He is not, nor does he ever expect to be a rich man, but he is a contented one,
which in this modern consumerist world is probably better.